Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Performance In Creative Destruction 

Creative Destruction is an impressive and highly played game for all those people who want to play the action game on their mobile.  You can find it in the Google Play store as well as the Apple App store. It is a Freemium game with the in-app purchase option.  You can use the real money in the game to buy the certain items in the needy hours. Here I am giving you some tips to improve your performance in Creative Destruction.

Use your compass

If you are a player of Creative Destruction, then maybe you know that the sound is the most important thing in the game. You should use the headphones while playing the game to listen to the audio of other placers.  Use the compass to play the game perfectly.  You can see the compass at the top of your display.  It is not the wasteful thing, because you can use it to hear the sound of the steps of your enemies.

In the game when you see the icon of yellow shoes, then it means a player is standing around you. In these cases, you can use the compass to know the right location from where the sound is coming. Change your view to shot the enemy quickly and earn the points.

Daily missions               

Missions are the best part in every game, and here you can also find many of missions in Creative Destruction. If you want to play the daily mission, then you have to click the menu icons. Try to use the strong weapon and construct the huge number of buildings to make the missions easy for you.  These missions or Creative Destruction Cheats can help you to earn the coins and all currencies.  The game gives you an opportunity to exchange your medal new items. You can also find new chests to collect gold coins and star coins.  It is the best way to earn skins without using the game currency.


You can use the map anytime in the game. It is the only thing that can help you in every situation. Always try to keep your eye on the map because it helps you to give details about the locations of your opponents. If you want to choose a location as destiny, then use the pin to mark the location.  The map is available on the top-right side of your mobile display.

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