Why To Go For Choices Stories You Play?

Why To Go For Choices Stories You Play?

There is no need to tell about the craze of individual towards digital gaming. There are hundreds of category and thousands of games in the industry and the only reason behind it is the craze of people. Although, there are several categories, simulation has its own specific place in the industry. Pixelberry is denoted as the developer of this game. The game is quite famous for its gameplay. It contains ads and even offers in-app purchases. It is compatible with Android and IOS based devices. Android users can search the play store; where else the iphone users have the option of the app store.

Aspects making game play better

It is quite common that if the game is quite famous, the question would be raised – what makes this game so special. There are several aspects behind the better game and a quick look of them is covered below –

·         The game is story based, therefore the player can choose their own story, and they have full control over how they want the story to go.

·         The player gets to experience various phases of the life from childhood to being old.

·         There are several options in front of the player to choose from and the life of the character depends upon the decision that the player takes.

·         There are a lot of phrases in the game through which the player would be going through like – falling in love, solving crime scene, adventures and much more. The best part is – what happens next depends upon the player.

Points to keep in mind

The gameplay sounds interesting and attractive, however, it can be made more fun when below stated points are kept in mind.

·         Dress up to impress the people, there are a lot of fashionable forward outfits.

·         Try to choose the date for more elegant and romantic formal winters

·         Prior supporting the new friends at the time you tackle freshman adventure.

·         Crush all your enemies in the epic battle.

·         Form various alliances to build your own army.

·         By trying Choices Cheats and get more keys and diomonds.


It was the quick look about the game, in case you are impressed by it then make a move forward and create some space in your device for this game. One thing to keep in mind at the time you head forward to play this game is – make the wisest decision. The decision of now would be deciding the future, hence make the worth.